My letter to Mr Gove

Dear Mr Gove,

I am writing to you regarding the Hong Kong crisis as I attend a school in your constituency 'Surrey Heath'. I am a year 5 student at Hammond school and recently we have been following the events in Hong Kong.

I feel strongly that we need to get involved because in 1997,Britain signed the 'Sino British Joint Declaration' and we stoped taking charge of Hong Kong handing it over to China who promised freedom and democracy until 2047 when Hong Kong becomes it's own. Yet we said that we would fight along side of them so we should.

Secondly, imagine Germany ruling the world!!!! Well that could of happened if Britain and our allies did not fight against them in world war 2, which is why it is sometimes good to interfere. Children have been pulled out of class as they have been accused of wearing black T-shirts. Would that not be humiliating? But not only that, gas masks have been banded, rubber bullets have been fired and people protesting have been shot with blue dye to see who has been doing what. 99.9% of the people of Hong Kong that go to Chinese court are accused guilty.

Hopefully, after 2047 or maybe even earlier, Hong Kong will be free. It will have democracy and governmen.

It is crucial that as my MP for 'Surrey Heath' you help in all the ways you can. I am writing to you for help. So that you take action. Without Britan, Hong Kong will be no more it will just be China!!!

In conclusion, as I said at the beginning, I feel strongly that we need to intervene. China is violating human rights and breaking thier promise. If we don't help, who knows what will happen?

Yours sincerely,


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