My letter to Jill Furniss

Dear Ms Furniss,

I’m writing to you today for an innovative project called Burnet News Club which is where we carefully look at recent events and we talk about why they may have happened, who is responsible and what effects this may have on the world.

We have been discussing the Hong Kong protests, which is where the Hong Kong civilians have been protesting about the government as they were going to implement a law that will send prisoners to China. In the present circumstances this goes against the One Country Two Systems deal. This was a 1997 deal which made China and Hong Kong one country and China couldn’t intervene to change this until 2047.

With this history of Hong Kong in mind, I would like to ask you the question of what could be the repercussions of China interfering with the one country two systems? In my opinion I would say they get fined for breaching the contract. On the other hand I would say the Hong Kong PM (prime Minister) should get legal repercussions.

Now I would like to talk about whether we should intervene. Could you please tell me what your views are? Could the government cope with taking on another big task? In my opinion I think we should intervene as Hong Kong civilians liked being ruled by Britain as we supported them. The other side of the argument is that we shouldn’t intervene as we at present have enough to deal with Brexit in the upcoming weeks and people are saying we are already facing a complex task that we struggled with so people think that the UK as a country is unable to take on big tasks.

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