Letter to Mr Grove

Hammond Junior School,

Badger Drive,



GU18 5TS.

Mr Michael Gove,

49, Marsham ST,




Friday 25th October 2019,

Dear Mr Gove,

I am a year six student at Hammond Junior school in Lightwater, which is part of youyr constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you with regards to the terrible political crisis, which is going on in Hong Kong. I think you may have realised how auful it is but I feel we should not intervene because I dont want to cause war between us and china.

Firstly, I think we should not as we might get into a war or a political disagreement with China and we have our own our own political crisis which we have to worry about so we do not have time for theirs. Also china agreed to keep peace between China and Hong Kong.

Secondly, Britan is not in charge of Hong Kong anymore so they should not have to help them with their arguments, and we should stay out of theirs because they should not need us as a crutch to help them whenever they need us and they should work it out themselves. They could meet up and discuss it without us.

Finaly, at the moment we have good trade deals with china worth £42.6 billion worth of goods including food, toys and homeware and if we fight them there is always the risk that we will lose all these deals. This will mean that we will have lots less suplies and this will result in price rises around england.

To conclude, we should not interfere with China because we would not want to start war with China would we? Furthermore, I hope that you will ask the parlarment not to interfere. I belive that English citizens would not want to interfere either.

Yours sincerely,


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