Letter to Mr Gove

Dear Mr Gove,

I am a year 6 student at Hammond School. I am writing to you in regards of the Hong Kong Crisis. As you may already know, Hong Kong has been violently protesting due to the agreement famously known as 'One Country, Two Systems', regarding that Hong Kong would be part of China, but with it's own laws. This rule was meant to be followed until 2047. However, things are changing...

As you can see, the protests are beginning to get out of hand. Although this is happening, I strongly believe we should not intervene. This may seems strange at first, but my points below should hopefully present why I have this belief. Firstly, China is a huge trading partner and fighting against them will affect our economy drastically. Our trade will become much weaker. In addition to this, we are currently dealing with Brexit, creating something else to worry about may cause things not to go to plan. Our trade links could be affected by Brexit too, meaning our trade will suffer immensely.

Another reason for my belief is that China has the largest army in the world. Even though they plan to send their army into Hong Kong, the reminants of it still may be enough to defeat us. They also have multiple strong allies, meaning if we do interfere, there could be catastrophic effects to our country.

The third and final reason for my view is that Britain and China work closely together together on projects to help make sure that everyone has enough food. Fighting China could destroy these projects, meaning more protests may take place as Britain is not helping those in poverty. Is that what you want? To destroy these projects?

In conclusion, it is displayed that I strongly believe that Britain should not intervene, as it could affect Britain's economy hugely and create more poverty, exactly what you were trying to prevent.

I hope this this letter helped to create your opinion, and it is greatly appreciated that you took the time to read this letter. I would be honoured with a response.

Kind regards,


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