Letter to Mr gove regarding hong kong crisis

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dear mr gove

i am a Year Six student in Hammond Junior School, lightwater surrey which is in you constituency in surrey heath and I am writing to you in regards to the hong kong crisis

if we were to intervene we risk losing )a trade agreement with China it may destroy our economy (in 2016 alone we got 42.6 billlion Worth of goods from china ) plus that have the biggest army in the world so there might be a war and it might not end well.

we also work with them for projects that make sure the world has enough food for the world and iphones and with brexit on horisons it is unsafe because we might lose it all even though brexit probably not going to happen on Halloween due to when boris trade deal was not accepted in brussels but it can happen and we will have nothing

Thank you for taking this time to read my letter please reply at the earliest opportunity possible at the address above

Yours sincerely,


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