Letter to Mr Gove

Hero Issue Hong Kong

Dear Mr Gove,

Hi, I am a Yr 6 student in Hammond Junior School in Lightwater , Surrey Heath which is part of a constituency of Surrey. I'm writing to you in regards in the Hong Kong Crisis. As you may or not know Hong Kong has been taking charge to get their rights back. For example China picks out Hong Kong's government and I hope you can do something to help this stop.

I personally think that we should interfere but I am going to share my reasons why we shouldn't first ; China is planning on sending their army to settle this crisis as Hong Kong have been fighting and the police have been putting rubber bullets and tear gas seriously injuring people. Also China is our biggest trading partner and if they beat us we would probably loose ALOT of items and to be fair China did give rights to Hong Kong until 2047.

Following this, Hong Kong should have their rights for ALOT longer than that and Britain should get involved because Britain was involved with Hong Kong in the past. Then Britain gave Hong Kong back in 1997 and that would be a good reason why Britain should get involved and not other countries. Also China has THE RIGHT to not interfere with other countries but Britain doesn't and that is another reason why we should get involved.

To conclude, I think that we should get involved and that we should try and make a difference and try to help Hong Kong get the rights that they deserve back to them and I hope that you can pass on this message on and help make a difference. I am a Yr6 studenot from Hammond Junior School and I aprrove this message.



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