Letter to Mr Gove

Dear Mr Gove.

I am a year 5 student at Hammond school in Lightwater,Surrey which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you on the regards of the Hong Kong crisis and I think we shouldn't get involved.

I belive that Britan should not get involved in Hong Kong because the people in Hong Kong do not want us to intervene. Britan has enough to deal with Brexit and also we are trading partners with China in 2016 alone we gained £42.6 billion through trading with them and if we intervened this could have a drastic effect on our economy.

If Britan got involved,this could create war or escalat into World War III. For the future of Hong Kong I would like the fighting and protesting to stop and would be friends with China like Britan and Ireland.

As my local mp I would like you to certify that England will not get involved to dodg certain war

Yours Sincirly


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