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Dear Mr Gove

I’m a year 6 student at Hammond school. I’m part of your community(Surrey Heath)I’m writing to you in regards of the poposterous going on presently in Hong Kong

I think it’s stupendous how we started something and were debating wether to end it VIOLENTLY which is colossal .It all started when England made an agreement with china in 1997 that we would give Hong Kong back to China with; Hong Kong would get democracy but China own it but China are taking away the democracy and freedom of speech. Did you know that in Hong Kong 5 writers who talked about independance dissapeard and reapered in jails in China this was seen as no freedom of speech . But yet we’re still sat in our chairs in parlement debating about brexit when a countrys population is dropping vastly and there are rumours that China might go in and kill the protesters.

This isn’t the first time China have tried to meddle with Hong Kongs democracy in the umbrella movement China tried to meddle with the Hong Kongs ellections proving that China are not happy with the Sino-British declaration (the agreement in 1997) and have been trying to take over Hong Kong for good. Hong Kongers have said publicly they are ashamed of being involved with China at all.china also choose Hong Kong’s govener .if we went if violently they would be faster to react as are communist so could destroy our whole economy in a day.

On the other hand they are very good trade partners with England and we gained £42.6 billion from trading with them and they have the largest army in the world which may put us in a troublesom possison on a he verge of war(maybe?) and would not result well in our favour;they could completely destroy our country

In conclusion,I believe we should intervene not physically verbally/politically meaning we would remain as trade partners but would stop China taking down our forces and leaving us in ruins and storming into Hong Kong and making a fraction of what it already was I hope to hear from you soon

yours sincearly


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