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Dear, Mr Gove

I am a student at Hammond Junior School in Lightwater, Surrey which is part of your Constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you in regards to the Hong Kong Crisis with China and my opinion of what I think Britian should do. The Hong Kong Crisis is China taking control of Hong Kong, there has been many protests in Hong Kong, China are not giving Hong Kong their freedom of what they deserve, but what should Britian do?

I think that Britian should intervine, because China are not following the 1 country 2 systems rule, this rule is in the Sino-Britain Jiont Decloration of what China signed in 1997, they are breaking this rule almost everyday. I don't agree with China doing this to Hong Kong, because China are taking control of Hong Kong, journalists disappeared and reappered in China, what China are doing is is not okay.

99.9% of trails in China end in conviction and China choose who takes over Hong Kong. This means that Britain should get involved, but we shouldn't get involved physically I think we should say our words. I think this because China have the biggest army in the world and even if they didn't, no one wants a war, because this could be detromental to Britains's survival. We should use our facts and statistics, to show China what they are doing and persuade them to stop what they are doing and give Hong Kong their democracy.

On the other hand, Britain could not intervine, because we gave Hong Kong to China we don't decide what happens to Hong Kong. Also, alot of our supplies are traded with China and considering what is going on with Brexit of us leaving the EU alot of our trading deals are going to change. China is a trading country we cannot afford to lose, as we traded £42.6 billon with them.

Overall, I think Britain should intervinre, because we cannot do nothing whilst Hong Kong are struggling and we need to help people in China aswell, because they have a population of 1.4 billion people and most of them consider themselves as Hong Kongers, because they don't agree with their own government of what they are doing. After you have read this, I hope you can pass this advise to parliament, to say to intervine in words to show China what they are doing.

Yours Sincerly,


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