letter to MP final piece

  • Hi Fasail Rashid ,
  • I am writing this letter because I am concerned about the crisis in Hong Kong.
  • So far I know that Hong Kong was ruled by Britain as a colony for around 150 years and they shared history, which in my opinion, they were getting along until they made an agreement that was signed because China and Britain both promised to make sure that the way of remained unchanged until 2047.But China decided to break that promise, now if the people of Hong Kong criticise the government you get put in jail and sometimes you never come out or you sometimes go missing whilst you were in there like the 3 booksellers they went missing whilst they were in prison .In my opinion I don’t think it is fair because you will not be able to see your family .
  • Also in Hong Kong China has a policy that you do not interfer in other countries problems .Where as Britain does not have that policy. In my opinion I don’t think is fair because everyone should have there say .
  • I think Britain should get involved because 180,000 people who were born in china now lives in Britain so they know how we live.

from the loyal_peach

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