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Dear Mr Cleverly,

I am a concerned year 6 student at Lyons Hall Primary School which is within your constituency of Braintree, Essex. I am starting to worry that Hong Kong is slowly getting destroyed, and we need to intervene as quick as possible. Even though I am young, I should still have a say in the world. In this letter I will be discussing about why we should intervene or not.

Britain and Hong Kong had a long and strong standing history-during 1800s. China lost many wars with Britain which meant that Britain ruled Hong Kong for 150 years. Britain decided that they would help Hong Kong get independent and made a promise with China that they would not try to make Hong Kong do what they want. Hong Kong was enjoying the same human rights as we did in the UK. However, China went back ruling Hong Kong in 1997.

Currently Hong Kong is in crisis: they want to do what they want and not be controlled by China. China has broken its promise and so many people have been fighting for their human rights. They have been out on the streets holding speeches. The first major thing to consider is people have been getting arrested for doing what they want and going out on the streets. Some have been kidnapped and have reappeared in Chinese prisons. People have also got seriously injured by rubber bullets shot by the police.

Britain is now being called to action as Hong Kong is suffering. After 22 years, the British people still don’t know whether we should get involved or not. One of the rules Hong Kong people don’t agree with is that, Hong Kong people will be sent to China and if found guilty they will be punished there. Unfortunately, if we do intervene then there is a chance of us losing many of our important things that we trade with China such as, cars, clothes, food and many more. Although there are many reasons why we should not intervene, it is not right if Britain leaves Hong Kong alone.

In conclusion, having researched all of the above, I think that we should get involved as this is something that we should not ignore and Hong Kong desperately need us.

Your sincerely,

A year 6 student

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    28 Nov 2019

    Excellent speaking up, generous_seagull - this letter has stood out thanks to your combination of short, punchy sentences and developed reasons, well done!

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