Letter to MP

Dear Faisal Rashid,

The Hong Kong crisis is a terrible thing. There have been authors thrown into jail, speaking for their country. China and Britain made an agreement about Hong Kong and China have broken it. Hong Kong wants to choose their own leader so that it’s their own choice. Britain should not get involved with Hong Kong, because it’s none of their business. China went back to ruling Hong Kong in 1997. China has more people living there than any other country, so Britain shouldn’t get involved because it is smaller.

The relationship with China will go down the drain if Britain accepts Hong Kong’s calls for help. On a daily basis, China and Britain come together to work on important projects. They might not carry on any longer if Britain gets involved in Hong Kong, and the food and farming will go to waste because they no longer work together. Britain is stuck in the middle because it is like having a best friend who has another best friend you don’t like, and your best friend doesn’t want to leave you out so is stuck in the middle. Britain will make it worse by getting involved.

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