Letter to MP

To Faisal Rashid,

In school we have been learning about the Hong Kong crisis in Burnet news club. We are currently in Burnet news club. Hong Kong was ruled by the British as a colony for around 150 years and has a shared history. In China you can be put in jail for criticising the government or for campaigning for human rights. I think Britain should not get involved because China has the biggest army in the world and we could lose. More people live in China than any country in the world. China went back to ruling Hong Kong in 1997. In 2015, five Hong Kong booksellers who sold books that critical of Chinese leaders vanished and some ended up in prison in China. China has a policy of not interfering in problems of other countries Britain does not have this policy. Most people in Hong Kong identify as being from Hong Kong rather than from China and 71% say they do not feel proud about being Chinese citizens. Britain and China work closely on important projects focussing on farming and food production that try to make sure there is enough food in the world, so without it people may go hungry.

Yours truly

Tranquil Robin

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