Letter to Helen Jones

Dear Helen Jones, I am writing to you to because of what is been happening in Hong Kong. China is taking too much control over Hong Kong, for example people who think that someone is doing something wrong they will get sent to trial. Some people think it isn’t fair because 99% of humans who go to trial in china will get arrested. Hong Kong used to be under our control for one hundred and fifty years, then we gave its back in 1997. After 1997, they brought up something called one country two systems.

I think we should intervene because Hong Kong don’t really have a big army to fight so if us and Hong Kong work together we can win back their freedom. I urge you to arrange a meeting for the leader of China and the leader of Hong Kong so things can work out between them.

I think that they are going to ignore what happens and china will keep more control over Hong Kong and they end up ruling the country. And they would be too strong for us to fight. Or things will stay the same.

What is your opinion about it?

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