letter to Helen jones

Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to you our local MP to tell you about the violent protest in Hong Kong which is getting worse and worse.

Years and years ago Britain and China made an agreement that Britain could keep Hong Kong for 150 years and in 1997 Britain gave Hong Kong back to china and if people in Hong Kong get sent to court you get sent to china and in china 99.9 percent you’ll get arrested and killed.

I think that you should talk to parliament and put an end to this, it needs to stop because people could get really badly hurt and people are breaking into people’s houses with big signs.

I think that this would change Hong Kong because a MP can tell them what to do and if they do not listen they will be arrested and killed

I hope they will be ok and listen to whoever tells them to stop.

I think that you should listen because you could make our world a better place.

Yours sincerely

Crafty_ brain

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