How does Protests in Hong Kong affect Children?

Firstly, They are Kids not rioters although many children have been arrested because they were out on the streets with there parents but they were still arrested Children's school is allowed but there would be protesters damaging it.

Also, Children are starting to have mental health problems don't know? Well Children in Hong Kong are becoming unhappy, Stressed out and overworked if this continues alot of people will end up with Mental health problems which is very bad for children. Children also in school instead of Uniform they would wear a black T-shirt and a face mask Babysitters would watch the children while the children's parents went out and joined the protest. China are also breaking a rule that happened when britain were giving them the power over Hong Kong but China have now got too much power over Hong Kong also alot of Children's parents got spit up with there Mum or Dad some Mums and Dads died which leaves Children in a country that is badly in crisis. I would say Britain intervene and help Hong Kong and the Children.

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