Hong Kong letter to Dawn Butler

Dear Miss Butler,

We are two year eight students in Preston Manor School.As part of our debating club,sponsored by the economist,we have been talking about the Hong Kong crisis and,on hearing of this,felt compelled to write to you and ask for your help.While we would like Britain to interfere,we do not want any violence to be put towards China.This is because while we would like to assist those in the Hong Kong crisis,we are strong trade partners with China,and this would stop us having many vital resources.Also,China has a very large army,and we do not want to cause any danger for the citizens of the country,so it is best to interfere peacefully.We would like you to bring this matter up in the House of Commons.This is because as children,the most power we have is to get our view to our local MP,therefore being you.

We have a number of reasons for intervening in this issue.We will not bore you with the little things,but here are two of our most significant reasons::

We made an agreement with China and they broke the one country two systems agreement.They have reabsorbed Hong Kong into their system making two systems into a dictatorship.This is wrong because we agreed to help Hong Kong become a democracy,and China is turning it into the opposite.

If we leave Hong Kong with no allies we would be leaving them defenceless.It's like if you know one of your friends is being bullied but all you do is just stand there.A bystander.You’d let your friend get hurt just because your scared to start a new rivalry.You’d be as bad as the bully.However,we would understand that you wouldn’t want to start a rivalry with one of our closest trading partners.While we know this,what's more important, being trade partners with China or saving innocent people from dying?People are getting hurt Miss Butler,and the only way to stop it is by helping.Now it’s rubber bullets and tear gas,but when it comes to machine guns,will you be as nonchalant as you are now or will you listen and assist those in need?

You probably think we are just school children and we don’t know what we are talking about but we have done research about the Hong Kong crisis and we just had to say something.We think our views are important because we are the next generation and whatever you do now is going to affect us in the future.So it is up to us,to do something about our world now.While you have all this power,we have no power whatsoever.This why we have to contact the people, like yourself, that can take action.Also,the two of us are very passionate about these kind of global matters,so it would be in your interest to take on board the ideas of us two intelligent,well informed students.We hope you take our point of view into consideration

Many thanks in advance

Preston Manor Upper School

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