Hong Kong in crisis should Britain intervene

The current situation of Hong Kong:

Crisis innocent people getting arrested

The history of Hong Kong

And how Britain is involved:

Britain ruled Hong Kong for years

What should happen next

Should Britain intervene:

No because innocent Britain

People could be killed

Is there any facts you

Could use to support your opinion:

China is an important trading partner

In 2016 they sold 42.6 billion worth’s

Of goods

Can you explain why someone involved

In the situation would agree with you:

Because china has the biggest army in the


What are the challenges

Or problems with your

Opinion: some people that live in Hong Kong now live in Britain

The best future for Hong Kong:

Freedom no more being ruled by china

Why should the MP listen to you:

Because I am telling them how to save Hong Kong

What steps should your MP take: slow steps so they can smoothly solve it

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