Hong Kong in crisis


We need to speak up and say what we think it doesn’t matter how strong china are we need to say what we think and this is what I think and here’s why ....

Britain is involved because in 1997 they had an agreement called Sino- British joint declaration.

I think we shouldn’t intervene because the crisis that’s happening in Hong Kong could come over to us If we agree to get involved.

Are there any facts you can use to support your opinion ?Hong Kong was ruled by the British as colony for around 150 years.

They would because they work to help because bad things could happen to people.

Hong Kong, people are protesting and trying to change the law and they aren’t respecting people’s human rights.

If you do something wrong in Hong Kong, you get sent to china and get put in prison.

In the future I think the people that live in Hong Kong should be freed and live in peace.

The reason the MP should listen is because then they might listen and help.

The stuff you would like the MP to take? speak to the government get some help.

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