Hong Kong crisis, should we intervene

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Dear Mr Cleverly

I am a passionate year 5 pupil at Lyons Hall Primary School and I am sending this letter to you because I am here to talk to talk to you about the Hong Kong crisis.

I think we should intervene in the Hong Kong crisis because China has too much power over Hong Kong they even chose Hong Kong’s leader (Carrie Lam). China does not want Hong Kong to have a democracy they want it to become a dictatorship country. Since we co-signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration Hong Kong should have the same human rights as Britain until 2047.

Random book sellers a been reported missing then being found in a Chinese prison and it all links to China. There has been protests on the streets of Hong Kong because of this they feel like China has to power over the country of Hong Kong.

We could help Hong Kong because we have allies that could help us if China’s army comes in to stop the protests. They even made strict limits on social media to stop the posts about the crisis. Most Hong Kongers have blocked the airports because they want to have the same human rights since the police have started firing rubber bullets and tear gas.

In conclusion with all my research and considered my point of view, I believe we should intervene and help Hong Kong during the crisis.

Yours sincerely enchanted_laboratory

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