Hong Kong crisis letter

Thursday 24th October 2019

Dear Mr Gove,

Hi I am a year 6 student at Hammond Junior School Lightwater, which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you in regards of the HONG Kong Crisis, and as you already know we are in the proses of deciding whether to intervene or not. Do you have an opinion?

As it is being demonstrated by the scene in Hong Kong, China’s policy can get a little out of hand and people can get seriously hurt. However, I believe that we should interfere, if you are questioning my opinion, it is explained and reasoned down below. If you think humans should be protected and there opinions forced to change then this is an exact explanation of the current affairs.

China is breaking their deal with the UK. Is this expectable? NO, this deal has been broken so it needs to be fixed by us. Honk Kong‘s human right are being snatched by China. The citizens of the victim are at risk. We insured they were in safe hand but no they are not in safe hands.1country, 2sytems are torn apart by china. If you lived in Hong Kong would you want us to help? I am pretty sure your answer would be a yes so we need to help!

In conclusion, it is clear that I strongly believe that we should intervene, as lives are in grave danger some are even at risk. Our deal has been broken (by china).I hope that I have help to develop an opinion.

Your sincerely,

Skilful_ turtle

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