Final Peace

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Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to you to inform you about the abhorrent events that are happening in Hong Kong currently and to also try to persuade you to believe that we should in fact help Hong Kong so we can stop all of the terrible controversy that is happening. Did you know 2000 plus people have been injured from the crisis? Did you also know that 8 people have died? Think of all of the innocent children that are getting hurt because of these protests. People are being blinded! We need to take action and at least have some sympathy for these people.

The second reason I believe we should help them is because we did sign an agreement to help them in any predicament and to have reconciliation with them and their country so we do share a history. We cannot just overpass the fact that we signed an agreement. It’s like saying that you promise something to the queen but then you just ignore you’ve just made a promise it’s never going to end up with a happy ending unless you keep that promise. It’s the same thing with the agreement. Say if we don’t help them think of what could happen! They could ask us to help them we ignore them and then what if they attack us OR WORSE!

I believe you should agree with me because I really don’t want anyone else to get hurt and I’m sure you do to.

I would hope for the future of Hong Kong that all of this is over and that no more people get injured or killed.

Yours sincerely warm_wombat.

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