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Dear Faisal,

In my school we are part of BNC (Burnet News Club) and we have been learning about the Hong Kong crisis. I am quite upset that China has broken their promise to make sure that the way of life and the economy in Hong Kong remain unchanged until 2047 and I would like you or someone else to go over and sort this out. I do, however, understand that China has the biggest army in the world and that five booksellers in Hong Kong have vanished in 2015 and you may not want that to happen to us but I would like Hong Kong to have peace and safety yet again.

Also, China has a policy of not interfering in other countries that they have no control of but we don’t have that policy. China is not meant to have control over Hong Kong so they shouldn’t be interfering till after 2047. We can, though because 1: we rule over Hong Kong and 2: we don’t have the same policy as China. Please, please, PLEASE settle this!



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