Dear Helen Jones

Dear Mr’s Jones,

I am writing to you because Britain are deliberating about if they should get involved with the Hong Kong crisis. I don’t believe we shouldn’t because China will protest against us. Then with Brexit already happening it may cause more drama because china won’t get as much money because we are no longer willing to trade with any other countries in the EU. In other reasons Chinas army is much larger than ours. Britain’s army only fits in Wembley stadium, with this if it causes war or a large disagreement which would cause something: we don’t want to get into, we should not get involved. People voted for you to do the right thing. On our behalf I urge you to not get involved and hopefully get parliament to not get involved, it was china’s fault because we gave Hong Kong back but they decided to let the rules run until 2047. But if china carry’s on arguing and not letting people protest they are getting what they want by hurting people. Hong Kong shouldn’t protest violently but they shouldn’t get hurt for having an opinion. I believe we should just let them sort it out, we have decided that if it get worse we have to not get involved because it could easily turn round onto us. If that did happen there could be even more protests and people will protest again us AND Hong Kong.

Yours Sincerely, Jolly_duck

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