Dear James Spencer Cleverly,

There is a crisis in Hong Kong because the people of Hong Kong are protesting against Chinese rule. Even though they have a ‘two systems, one country’ agreement, China have started taking more control of Hong Kong by locking people up unfairly and abusing their human rights. Until 1997, the UK controlled Hong Kong. So that is why people think we should intervene.

I think that we should not intervene because China are the biggest country in the world with the biggest army in the world. The little UK could get hurt or soldiers could get killed if we make China angry. Also, we do lots of trade with China which they could charge us more for if we make them angry.

I can see that young people want their freedom in Hong Kong, however protesters are damaging public and private property and I don’t think this is the right way to get what you want. They should stop protesting and start speaking to the government and Carrie Lam to reach a solution without more violence.

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