Carrie Lam: “Both her hands are soaked in blood.”

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On Wednesday, Carrie Lam (Hong Kong’s leader) had to abandon her annual address because pro-democracy supporters were continually disrupting the speech. She was repeatedly interrupted and heckled, which means that people were shouting at her as she tried to deliver her new policies. Tanya Chan, a civic party lawmaker, even went as far as to say that both Carrie Lam’s hands are soaked in blood.

We were both shocked when we read this quote for the first time because it sounded really harsh. When you think about someone’s hands being soaked in blood, you imagine that she is the one being violent and that she is the one killing people. Tanya Chan is essentially calling Carrie Lam a murderer, which we initially thought was unfair.

This made us question whether or not Carrie Lam has actually done anything wrong. Our research led us to an article in the Guardian, which said that she is currently not considering using her emergency powers to bring in further laws that might help stop the violence in Hong Kong. She is in charge of Hong Kong therefore she has the responsibility to make sure things run smoothly and that people are happy. At the moment, protests are becoming so violent that people are being severely injured and, in our opinion, it probably won’t be long until people are killed. Further to this, we were disappointed to learnt that it was actually Carrie Lam herself that put in place the controversial face mask ban that caused further riots and protests on the streets, and it was quoted in the article that she didn’t regret doing this in spite of the backlash.

We then went back and looked at Tanya Chan’s quote again, and this time we could see the truth behind it. Even though Carrie Lam is not directly involved in the brutalities in the streets, at least part of the problem is her fault since she is in charge. She has the power to stop this, and she is refusing to use that power. So are Carrie Lam’s hands ‘soaked in blood?' We believe that yes, in fact, they are. She should feel guilty, and it is right for people to blame her for what is happening.

What do you think? Do you think Hong Kong’s leader is to blame or do you think she is doing her best to lead the country successfully?

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