A letter to my MP

Dear Mr Gove

Thursday 24th October 2019

I am in year 6 at Hammond Junior School. I am writing to you as you are my local MP in regards of the Hong Kong Crisis. As you may know that in 1997 we made an agreement with China that the people of Hong Kong would keep their human rights until 2047; China are breaking that promise.

The Crisis in Hong Kong has already become out of hand. I believe we should intervene as there is no way China and Hong Kong alone could deal with this. China has a vast population of 1.5 billion, due to this, they have the largest army in the world. This alone could lead to China feeling as if they are forced to take military action against Hong Kong to put a stop to these horrendous protests.

Every human should have human rights and freedom of speech as much as you and me. Furthermore, the Hong Kong residents are having this vital right taken away from them due to the fact that instead of 1 country 2 systems it is 1 country 1.5 systems.

From the evidence above it is obvious that Hong Kong need a great deal of help. Do you want this to carry on forever? I believe that it is your responsibility to protect other people.

l appreciate the time you have spent reading this letter and hope to hear your response soon.

Yours sincerely,


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