A letter to my Local MP

Dear Siobhain McDonagh,

I am writing this letter regarding the crisis occurring in Hong Kong. As the MP of Mitcham and Morden, I expect you to be a vocal representative for us. There has been many protests happening as Hong Kong want their democracy and freedom from China. We must play our part. Below I have explained the issues that are happening and what we could do to assist Hong Kong.

To begin with, the first series of protests began over an extradition bill which meant that anyone in Hong Kong who were suspected of doing crime would be sent to China to go to court. Did you know 99.9% of anyone who were sent to a trial were found guilty? Carrie Lam, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong, was receiving bundles of criticism. As she was pressurised, she could only do one thing. Give in to the people. In the end, she came out and remarked that the bill was 'dead'. The protests had started to gradually calm.

The protests that are happening right now are because the Chinese government are breaking the promise they made with England in 1997 where Margaret Thatcher and Zhao Ziyang signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration. It was agreed that for the next 50 years, Hong Kong Kong would be an independent country but Hong Kong would have to follow the '1 country 2 systems' rule. Now China are controlling Hong Kong's freedom and democracy.

Hong Kong need us. They are pleading for our help. I have validated some of my suggestions in the following sentences. My first idea is to send packages full of supplies which should be sent to the protesters, to help them survive as they are going through all of this. My second suggestion is for you to bring this issue up in the Houses of Parliament.

In conclusion, thank you for taking your valuable time to read my letter. I hope you will take my views into consideration and give a favourable response.

Yours Sincerely,


Resident of Merton

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