A letter to Mr Micheal Gove

Hammond school,

Badger drive



Gu18 5ts

Mr Michael Grove

49 marsham street ,



Slu1A 2pw

Thursday 24 October 2019

Dear Mr Grove

I am a year 6 student at Hammond Junior school in Lightwater , Surrey, which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you which regards to the terrible political crisis that is currently going on in the Hong Kong crisis . as Im sure you are aware , some people have argued that it is our responsibility to intervene in this situation in Hong Kong . However , I believe this would be a brave mistake on our part and would ac to be detnmental to well being of this living in Hong Kong .

As you can see from above the situation of the Hong Kong crsis is becoming out of hand .I do not believe we should intervene as China has the biggest army in the world . Could we aff a war agganist the biggest army in the world with our military? We could not be prepared as you could not train as many recruits in this time . As China has the biggest population in the world we clearly could not beat them even with the whole of Britain.

If you do intervene you are most likely to lose our friendship with them . As we get almost everything imported from China how would we get everything. Prices could rise and how could people afford to live people are already struggling to live on the prices now .How would people live ? China is an important trading partner for Britain in 2016 Britian imported £42.6 billion worth of goods. If Britian and China could not work closely together on farming and food production that try to make sure there is enough food in the wolrd .If you lose the friendship together closely. How are we supposed to eat and make sure there is enough food on the world.

To conclude, I belive that intervening in the Hong Kong crisis would be a danger to Britian . China has the bingest army in the world by upsetting them and losing friendship with them might encourage them to use their military force. Do you want that for Britian ? I am positively sure the British citizens would agree .As you are a member of parliament it is your job to do what is best for us and do not walk us in any danger .I believe you warn the rest of parliament the danger that could happen if you intervene.

Yours sincerely


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