A letter to Mr Grove

Dear Mr Grove

Hi I am a member at Hammond school. I am writing to you about the Hong Kong crisis which is where if Hong Kong people are looking suspicious they will be sent to china

I strongly believe that we should not interfere because we should really mind our own buisness and we could just make it worse by getting involved. I think that this is is the correct deion because China did not keep their promise of I country 2 systems so how do we know that China would not make things up. Thereore we should not trust them.

Also so China has a very big trading partner in the uk and the population in China is increasingly high. With 1.4 billion people in China we have no chance of winning. China has also Edda led with elections as journalists have gone missing and we might be putting ourselfs in danger when they might be able to sort it out by themselves. Also 99.9% of trials in China end in convidion. Hong Kong can obviously not rely on China so neither can we.

In conclusion we should let China and Hong Kong sort it out by themselves,because if something doesn't go to plan we could get the blame. Therefore we should not get involved.

By genius_chocolate

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