A letter to Mr Gove

Hammond School

Badger Drive



GU18 5ts

Mr Michael Gove

49 Marsham st



sw1a 2pv

friday 25th october

Dear Mr Gove

I am a year 6 student at Hammond junior School in lightwater , surrey, which is part of your concuency in surrey heath .I am writing to you with regards to the dreadful crisis going on in Hong Kong . I really do not think we should intervene due to the fact that china have the biggest army in the world . we are not ready to have a war against a civilised country . If it esculates , then we could loose to them and millions will be dead . We are working on Brexit and if we intervene we will have alot of political problems .Hong Kong deserve freedom although that could mean Britan and China will break our friendship. This is not the first time it has happened.

As Brexit has become a big problem britan shall not intervene due to us going to have alot of cases on our hands . Brexit is already a big thing and this can lead to a war and if it does , then we will be having a war followed on by Brexit .

Most of our stuff is made in China and if it esculates then we might loose that stuff. We will not be as lukey as we are now . The population of China is 1.4 billion so there is alot os people who work.

China has the biggest army in the world . I am consurned about that we will be beaton . We would be ruled by China so please consider this .

To summerise , it is clear that we should not intervene . we would loose the war we will loose .

I am exited to hear your responce

yours sincerly


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