A letter for Mr Gove

Hammond School

Badger Drive



GU18 5TS

Mr Michael Gove MP




Friday 25th October 2019

Dear Mr Gove,

I am a Year 6 student at Hammond Junior School in Lightwater ,Surrey, which is part of your constituency in Surrey Health. I am writing to you with regards to the terrible political crisis going on in Hong Kong. I am sure you will agree a resolution must be found because if it is not millions of people can die and there could be a massive war.

As you can see from above. The situation is becoming out of hand,however I do not believe we should intervene because we already have a political crisis Brexit and if we get involved we will be swapping which one were involved in and it will keep getting out of hands. Also, we have a great friendship with China imported us £42.6 billion worth of goods from China.

In conclusion, it is clear that I think intervening is a bad thing because then Britian will be fighting for survival with China having the biggest army in the world. Im sure that not what you want?

Yours sincerely terrific_memory

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