Would it be good if robots took over delivery driver's jobs?

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Hello, I am protective_dusk, and I am here to discuss, "Would robots take over delivery drivers jobs."

Now we all know that a delivery driver might not be the best job on money, but they do a job to help people. During the pandemic, delivery drivers had done a magnificent job, delivering things during lockdown, but if we look into the future, robots might start taking over people's jobs including delivery drivers. This wouldn't be good for anyone, as people would lose money, and they would become poor.

Right now, people are wondering if they ( The robots) would be able to drive cars, vans, lorrys, any type of transport, but here are a few reasons why it would be a bad idea for robots to take over delivery driver's jobs: So first, robots are not like human beings, they are not physically alive. If they make a mistake whilst driving the vehicle, and they crashed, that would not be good because if their delivery got broken, or smashed, they would not be able to report it because they might of got broken themself in the accident. In that case, things would get delayed, and citizens would not get their parcels on time. Whilst, if it was a human being and they crashed, they could literally sort the parcel out and phone for help, whilst a robot might not be able to do that. Another reason why is because if robots take over their jobs, they would get no money, and then there is a chance that they would go bankrupt. Anyway, it is nice to be greeted by a friendly delivery driver who knows what he is doing, than a robot who just hands it to you and just drives of.

But, there are also some positives of robots taking over their jobs, and here are a few reasons:

1. If the robot had a crash, nobody would get hurt, but if it was a real person, there is a chance that they would get injured.

2. They would get it done more effectively if they were programmed well.

Now, after looking at those reasons, I personally think that robots should not take over delivery drivers jobs because they are not real, and delivery drivers would lose their job.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post!

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