Will the government let people work during coronavirus

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Hi I'm decisve_redcurrant and this is my post

Because of coronavirus things in the world have started to change like pubs closing down gym is closing down and loads of other horrible things.

Now, one key thing People are angry about is there Jobs being lost because of coronavirus Which is really bad for some people.

In my opinion I think Our goverment has done a Great job and not such a great job because some people could be struggling in life I'm really need a job and them losing the job Could be a terrible coincidence.

On the other hand, our government has done a good job because if people go to work Coronavirus is more likely to spread around the environment and could get terribly ill.

As it stands now some places around the world have a ready got into a second lock down Which is really bad and it bad because that tell that there cases or death are gong up a lot.

Also, what the government could do is As some companies have already done what companies could do is work at home. But the bad thing about working at home is let's say you have a lot of pets in your house and you're a very important call Would be really annoying because in the background you can or can hear pets barking. So if you want to work at home what you could do is find a small place where nobody is and maybe do your call there!

personally, I don't think our president will let people work during coronavirus unless it's a very very very important work that they need to do. Most companies have stopped working and as I said before they have started working at home which is very good in my opinion.

To conclude And what I'd love to say is in my opinion I don't really think our president will let people work during coronavirus as this is a very serious virus maybe after when our cases have gone down he will finally let people start working again not saying that people aren't working some people are still allowed to work but have to be socially distant in their workplace. This is my Opinion at this is my advice.

Thank you for reading


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