Why should people work?

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Work. It's a word that's very familiar to us, but can have many different meanings. One of them could be a task that you need to do, for example, "they made sure the work was progressing smoothly.'' Another could be a job, or something you do to earn money. This is the one I will be focusing on in this post. I will be discussing why I think people should work for various reasons.

You can earn money

One of the main things that you get from work is money. You have to have this so you can live, buying essentials like food and water, and a roof to put over your head. It is crucial to pay your bills, and so that you save it to have fun by going on holidays or celebrate special occasions. Your salary depends on what profession you choose and how high you are on the ladder of power.

You get to learn new things

When you are working, you get the privilege of learning new skills. Say, for example, you are a doctor. Every patient that you treat is different from the last. You learn how to treat every different case, with some of them being more extreme than others. Every lesson that you learn is precious; each one makes your mind more mature.

It makes you have a purpose in life

Another reason to work is that it makes you know when you wake up from bed that you have a purpose - to go to work and enjoy life.

It is your passion

Finally, you should work because it is your passion. Some people's dreams were to become a doctor/actor/astronaut when they were very young, and because they followed their dreams and worked hard, they became what they dreamed of being.

Why do you think you should work?

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  • Hammond School logo empathetic_brain | Hammond Junior School D
    02 Nov 2020

    There really are a lot of different reasons since some people maybe don't enjoy their job or doesn't need that much money for themselves but they have to work to fend for their family and make sure life is smooth for them. Others like actors, singers, foothallers etc might work because it earjs good money and they have passion for their carrier like Helena Bonham Carter once said that I enjoy being an actress because you are basically earning good money doing stuff your not suppose to be doing for entertainment for others as well as pretending -acting- and dressing up.

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg storytelling_king | Boutcher C of E Primary School A
    04 Nov 2020

    Good post here empathetic_brain.
    I think that people should work as it helps them to keep busy and less time on the streets causing trouble. Also, the adult may inflict pressure on the children as they give everything to them and watch them doing what can be little freedom. This won't help the child's patience so they might get demanding or they wan't the attention all the time.
    The adult will soon feel very protective of their child and the child sensing that if they don't give all the facts the parent will come rushing in to defend their child. This is bad for the child as you don't wan't the kid too attached to their parents as soon they will decrease their courage. My final point is that work also releases freedom as some people need the money for holidays for their kids and to afford things.

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  • Cheam Common logo wondrous_orca | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    04 Nov 2020

    People work to make a living; they work to earn money which provides them food, clothes and other essentials. Banks can't just start printing money for everyone and handing it out because if everyone had money no one would work; imagine now everyone is rich and you go to buy vegetables but you find that the vegetable shop is closed because people who work there are now rich and don't need to work anymore.Now what's the use of money? This point leads to the fact that people work to help other people. This has been going on since the start of human civilisation. We must work hard and enthusiastically to earn money. Some people work because it is what they like to do and their salary is just a bonus income.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      wondrous_orca's comment 05 Nov 2020

      A strongly-worded defence of the importance of work, wondrous_orca! What jobs do you think people do for enjoyment?

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  • CuddingtonCroft-logo-250x250.jpg memorable_tiger | Cuddington Croft Primary School
    05 Nov 2020

    People should work to earn money to pay bills. If No one worked, then there would be no farmers to grow crops, no doctors to help cure injuries and no scientists to develop those cures. There would also be no shopkeepers to sell things. Also, no one would have a proper home because there would be no builders to build you houses.

    This information leads to a conclusion that everyone in the world who works is like a big community that works together like a giant puzzle - If one piece (person) is missing (not working) it isn’t right at all and it ruins it all.

    P.S: Great post!!!

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      memorable_tiger's comment 06 Nov 2020

      This is an interesting point, memorable_tiger. I have given you a star for showing that you have problem-solved to see how all jobs fit together in the bigger picture. I like the way that you have described it as "a giant puzzle".

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  • Cheam Common logo wondrous_orca | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    05 Nov 2020

    I think people's hobbies (singing, football, etc.) can also be jobs. For example, if I like playing football and when i grow up I become a footballer, I will get paid 3 million pounds but the fun I don't work just because of money; I like playing football with or without pay. Some people like helping other people and think that the thankfulness the person has for you is worth much more than money. Let's take a nurse for example. A nurse gets paid 32,000 pounds yearly (which is less than a footballer) but they probably wouldn't care about money because they have the satisfaction that they helped someone and now the person will live a health life because of them. Some people work in a particular job because they want to go to a place they love. Let's take a salesman for example. The salesman would love to go to Africa so he would persuade his manager by pointing out something that the company sells that Africa doesn't have and soon he would be off to his dream place, Africa. To sum it up, for enjoyment, people do jobs that can accomplish their dreams or do something that they like to do whether it is helping people or playing football.

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      wondrous_orca's comment 06 Nov 2020

      You make some really interesting points here, wondrous_orca! You say you would be happy to play football for work but without pay and that nurses don't care about money because they have a great deal of job satisfaction. Do you think all workers doing the same job feel the same way?

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  • Hammond School logo loyal_piano | Hammond Junior School B
    13 Nov 2020

    They should work because you can get very poor let me explain why people have to work people have to work because there things like houses,mortgage,money and finely you can be poor all of those things why we need a job.The jobs we can be is a police,doctor,teacher,nurse and there many different jobs you can have.you also need to pay the bills for your house and you need to pay the WiFi and internet also other things like clothing and furniture if there was no works no workers there would be no farming so you can’t eat there will not be any doctor to help with our injuries and if you felt really poorly you can’t go to the doctor to help you and that’s why you need a job.

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  • Manor Park logo meticulous_ibex | Manor Park Primary Academy
    20 Nov 2020

    They can work for lots of reasons.
    1.They can work to earn money and live.
    2.They can work to help people/animal better.
    3.simply, to have fun.
    4. Teach children.
    5. To make the streets/buildings clean.

    Thanks for reading
    From meticulous_ibex

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School glad_didgeridoo | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    04 Dec 2020

    Personally I think people should work so they can earn money to buy food buy houses and to make a living.

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