What would happen if robots took over

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Hello I'm clever_peak and today I will be talking about what would happen if robots did are jobs for us.

First of all we would get less social time with others and not having the interaction with each other can cause lonelyness or depression which no one wants to suffer.

So if your teacher was a robot it may be fun for a few days but they would not be able to cope with certain things. When you come in robpots wouldn't give you the smile every time you walk in and not understand your feelings as well as a human does. I also think it would make learning a boring thing to do and when children are bored they won't want to come and learn

ruining their education .Robots also can't do all the things humans can do as we haven't got far enough to program it to do that. Personlly I wouldnt like a robot as a teacher , would you?

If you lived alone you would miss the company of walking down the road and not having and chat with someone or going to the shops and meeting people that could become your friend.

What would we have to do if robots were doing everything for us yes we can relax but soon we would get bored having nothing to do other than play games and watch TV the whole day.

If robots took over they would come more advanced which means they could start to take many jobs leaving people without a roof over their head and no money to afford food.

Questions for you!

Would you like robots to do are work for us?

Do you like robots ?

Would you get bored if you did nothing but relax?

Hoped you enjoyed reading clever_peak

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