What will work be like in the future?

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The Covid-19 pandemic is having a massive impact, and it is inevitable that work in the future will be very different. Daily lives have been completely changed since the first lockdown in March, and for some it has been a change for the better, while for others it has proven to be really tough. The question everyone is asking right now is whether or not we'll ever go back to normal, with a 'new' normal expected to emerge.

So, what will the future look like?

It is predicted that 7.6 million jobs, or 24% of the UK workforce are at risk because of the pandemic.

Sadly, the people and places with the lowest incomes are most vulnerable. Many people are losing their jobs as a result of the economic problems caused by the pandemic.

Work across services will change significantly. On the other hand, delivery services will increase with more people at home for longer, meaning general shopping and even food are all ordered online, and delivered directly to people's homes. This will mean more people are needed to carry out deliveries.

We can expect to see fewer people working in offices in the future because during the pandemic people have been able to work from home. In fact, not commuting has made some workers happier, saving time; plus it's good for the environment with fewer cars on the roads meaning less carbon is being emitted. Companies will be able to make use of workers with skills from around the world, with less emphasis on geography in the future.

Travel and accommodation services will look very different. There will be less overseas travel so airlines will struggle financially meaning jobs for those airlines, and companies who provide services to those airlines, like catering, will be cut. People will use their cars less too, they'll buy less fuel for those cars, and even car sales could reduce over time as a result, impacting workers in factories that manufacture cars. This is an example of all the far reaching, knock-on effects on employment which will last for many years even when a vaccine is available.

After the pandemic...

I think it will take years for things to settle down and for us to arrive at a new normal for work. How people work will evolve and adapt over time - just like has happened before through history. There will be some really tough times ahead, and things could well get worse before they get better, but we will find a way to change how we work to make progress. When times are tough, humankind adapts and finds new opportunities to keep improving.

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