What will work be like in the future and how will Coronavirus affect it?

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(intro) Present work

In the present, work is very different to normal. Some people still go to buildings and other places to do their jobs whilst others stay home and do things online. This is because of coronavirus (COVID-19). Most people work at home to stay safe from the virus and to stop the spread of it. This mostly took place during the national lockdown when people used laptops, computers and other devices to do work and hold online meetings on different apps and websites.

In the Future

Work of the future depends on what is going on now. Anything could happen to change it in the slightest way but it might stay the same always. Depending on COVID-19, people who are not keyworkers (people who have a job which is essential for everyone) might have to work online all the time in the near future if the pandemic gets worse. Or, if things get better, the way work occurs may change once again, to the way it was before.

What might covid-19 change?

Nowadays, anything can change what is going on in the world. The new virus distracts all the plans and methods of work. In the future, work could be affected in the way it works. For example, if the cases and deaths levels increased, work for businesses and other companies may have to be all online. Or, they may have to come into work wearing a face covering and gloves all the time. It can also change the lives of many people.

What might happen to businesses?

At the start of the pandemic, around lockdown, the goverment started giving money to businesses like airport money ones. This was because during the pandemic, the majority of people did not go on flights and holidays because of lockdown and to not catch the virus. That meant the company would not get the money it needed to pay the workers who worked for the it. However, the government cannot continue losing money which they need to help the NHS with. Already, a few companies have had to let workers go and many people have lost their jobs. This isn't good because people need money which they earn from work to support their family with food and other essential, household supplies. It also wouldn't be great for the future of work as those companies will need more people to work for them to keep the business running.

Altogether, we don't know what will happen in the future with work, we may only guess. We can hope though, that the future is not bleak and unhappy, but bright and happy with not much hassle and worry.

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