What will the future of workplaces look like?

How will the future of workplaces look like?

COVID-19 has affected everyone during this pandemic and has stopped people from working and some people have to work from home. After this pandemic, things will start to get even better as people will be working harder from the vacation they had from home. Of course, not everyone will be working harder as some people still had to work for example, the GP. With this tangent aside, here are some ideas of how the future of workplaces could look like.

Number 1. AI.

The idea of AI taking jobs and replacing humans sounds good at first but there are some downsides to this marvellous idea. Firstly, is the cliché idea of AI becoming evil. Of course there is a possible chance that this could happen but it is a very slim chance and you are better off trusting these robots. Another downside, is the economy will crash as no one is going to buy things and the stocks of very popular brands ex. Apple, Tesla, Pepsi etc. In Addition to the economy crash point, the wages might be paid by voluntary work for a certain amount of time, how hard they worked and their work ethic. With this point in mind, the wages will let people purchase things so the government gets tax which keeps the human race running smoothly with advantages.

Number 2: Future Machinery working alongside humans.

This idea seems a bit more manageable than AI completely taking over humans jobs. Some downsides to this idea still exist however. The first major problem is cutting down pay checks. The reason this downside is a downside, is that the loss of money due to some workers being replaced by robots will greatly impact the monthly cost of renewing the robots each month or two. Another reason this idea is not great is that the people that had to force resign will have no money to support them or their families which probably increase the homeless population by alot.

Number 3.Companys having better facilities and tech.

This idea is more managable and could be the best possible option out of the three but of course there will always be downsides to every idea. Firstly, the price of these facilities could be worth a fortune and could put a company filing for bankruptcy after trying to improve workers work ethic. Another downside to this idea is the materials. The materials used could be very dangerous to the environment as some materials (ex. lead which is used in roofing tiles etc.) could harm the anviroment and stop a sustainable life on Earth.


In this article we discussed three different ideas of how workplaces could adapt to the world of the future. In my personal opinion the one i think would be the most succesful idea would be number 2.


Advantages- Something that puts someone in a better position.

Impact- Affect something/someone.

Renewing- Increasing the lifespan of something

Bankruptcy- A legal process where a company cannot repay debts.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    23 Nov 2020

    Great analysis, inquisitive_mood, and plenty for us to think about. You say that you think number 2 will be most successful - what does success mean in this sense? And what do others think will be the most successful idea?

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg decisive_redcurrant | Michael Faraday School
    23 Nov 2020

    This was very crucial post inquisitive_mood. I can tell that you did lots of research and lots of good problem solving !

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  • cherished_photograph | Whyteleafe School E
    28 Nov 2020

    Work places might look like it is full of computers , phones and lots of tvs because technologe is taking over our world there are new bits of tech being created right now!

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  • Hammond School logo eager_chocolate | Hammond Junior School A
    02 Dec 2020

    This is a good post. Well done

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  • 125223_ip_1.jpg EXPERT: Olga Artemjeva, Technology Strategy Manager @ KPMG
    07 Dec 2020

    Really enjoyed reading this post inquisitive_mood - covers a lot of interesting and informative points. This topic is very high on our company agenda and I would like to hear your thoughts on: how do you see the future of office work and how could companies support their employees in this future?

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School unparalleled_tambourine | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    08 Dec 2020

    Hi unparalleled_tambourine here first of all let me say what an amazing piece this is. As I was reading this I thought about if these things where actually happing right now.......

    Number 1
    It sounds good by having AI taking over humans jobs because it will be a lot faster. However Lots of people will lose there jobs and I don’t like the sound of the economy crashing.

    Number 2
    This one sounds more likely to happen as there are not many down side and the machines will speed up the business. I would like the fact of machines helping humans out as they will do a good job.

    Number 3
    I think if you had knew tec some people will be greedy.
    In conclusion I think that number 2 sounds the most likely and have learnt that even though it might sound good it will always have a down side and fault that will effect some people

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