What will happen if we don't work?

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We have been thinking about what work will be like in the future, but what will happen if people don't work?

What will people do with their time?

Even though some people don't like working, if people don't work they would become really bored, and would not be able to pay bills and buy essentials such as food and water. Also, work enables people to earn money and spend this on luxuries such as holidays, clubs and presents for friends and family. Although, computers can do some work there would still have to be someone operating the computer for it to work.

Who would do the work? What would happen?

If humans didn't do the work, nothing would ever get done and there would be no teachers to help children become the best people they can be. It is clear, that work is an important part of the world and we wouldn't be able to survive without it. So no-one would do the work therefore the human race would be put on hold.

Would life become simpler?

If people didn't work there would be no shops so people would grow their own crops and would spend more time with family as they wouldn't have to go into work every day. So life would become simpler and there would be less civlization and socialization.

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