What jobs might there be in the future?

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In the future, the population is only going to grow and after some research I have learned that by 2050 (which isn't that far away) there will be 9.7 billion people on the planet!

So, I have been thinking surely with the population growing and robots improving by the minute, there soon will be too little jobs for everyone. In this problem, there is pretty much only two solutions (that I have thought of).

My two thoughts are that robots will do all the work and humans will be the ones fixing them (whenever they need it) or, that there will be more jobs. (Tell me in the comments if you think there are more possible ideas about the future!)

Personaly, I think the second thought will be likely.

Here are my thoughts on what jobs there might be in the future:

A device detective (someone who solves data issuess)

A money helper (someone who helps people spend there money wisely through the internet)

A cyber police (someone who helps stop viruses through the internet)

Some jobs that probably won't exist in the future (I looked these up on the internet):

Travel agent jobs

Train driver jobs

Newspaper delivery jobs

Refugee jobs

Of course if you have any ideas for jobs that might or might not exist in the future, just write them in the coments!


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