What impact will the Pfizer vaccine have on the future of work?

As you may have heard a vaccine has been made and rolled out in England and the USA and soon will be distributed to the whole world. This is good news for many people especially businesses who are hoping to make profit again in the near future. However there are some problems as the scientists don't know yet how efficient the vaccine will be, how long the immunity will last and also the long time it will take for everybody to get vaccinated. Presently, sectors like the hospitality industry for example bars, cafes,restaurants and hotels rely on the vaccine as their only hope for their businesses to get revived. As for the other businesses that switched to remote working because of the virus they may consider going back to the normal ways of working which is attending the workplace If the vaccine proves successful at some time in the future. If this happens, people will go about their business as usual. By this I mean they will be able to attend their offices,shake hands with colleagues, catch up with them, don't have to sanitize their hands every now and then and most importantly they don't have to follow the social distancing rule. In the end,The Pfizer and other vaccines may allow people to enjoy normal life again. They can go back to the world they knew and loved. When this happens I am sure that many employees and employers will highly value their jobs and which before they took for granted and they will become more productive,hardworking and inventive. This is because coronavirus made them realise how important their jobs are not only for their physical and mental well being but for their families as well. So if they have the chance to work again in the future they will surely make the most of it. To conclude,the future of work will certainly thrive if the vaccine takes down the virus.

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