What does bias and stereotyping have to do with work

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Hi there, my name is decisive_reducrrant and this is my post hope you enjoy!!!

Now work is very important as it allowes you to earn money and even promotions!! But there are many bad thing about work and one of ther key thing that made me think hard was Why can people be bias to other during work.

Bias is a very interesting word and what it mesan is when someone or a group of people are treated differnetly top others. Bias aslo mean when someone is treated differently to someone for example, Imagine if your friends was invoted to a party and you also azume your going to be invited to but your not invited only because the person doesn't like you that bias and it not right!!

To add to that there is also a word linked to thatwhich is called "stereotyping."

Stereotyping is when a group or someone is a mistaken idea or belief many people have about a thing or group that is based upon how they look on the outside- staerotyping is also when you section out a particlar group because of there apperence and this is also not right to!!!!

These 2 words do have a very big impact with work and I'll be sure to tell you why!!

These are some examples of stereotyping(THIS IS NOT TRUE)

  • Girls wear dresses but Boys wear jeans
  • Girls are rubbish at football But boys are the best at football
  • Boys are smarter Gils are not smart
  • Boys go out to work Girls stay at home and do all the house work

Here is an example of being Bias is and also remember never be bias it not a good thing at all.

  • Seperating Black and Whites
  • Seperating silly people and Sensible people
  • Being disrespecful to a bisabled person


Stereotyping and Being bias is very harmful and hurtful to adult and even children and should never be used as it is very rude and disrespectful. I can guarentee in all off our lives we've all though and said "Boys like blue and Girls love pink" but that not the case for someopeople and it not true.

When i was young I realised that girls and boiys can b doctors not only boys girl andf boys can be nurses not only girl everyone can be something.

Personally in my opinon, I think being bias in a job and having to be stereotyped is not right and should never be used during work!!


Hope you enjoyed my post, feel free to comment anything you know about sterotyping and Being bias in a job so i can use in my next post thank you!!

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