What Does Success Mean to You?

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When you reach the end of your career, you may look back on your experiences and ask yourself: is the person who I am today, successful?The first definition on the internet is to have "accomplished a desired aim or result". The second meaning is "having achieved fame, wealth, or social status". So does this imply being successful means only being recognised by other people, like an actor or singer? In this post I will be talking about different ways people measure their success.


It's no surprise people would say the more money you have, the more successful you are. Wealth is a sign of hard work and money can help you get the things you desire. You can also use this money not only for yourself, but for other people, like donating to charity. I believe the best privilege of being wealthy is having financial security. This is because you wouldn't have to worry about paying rent late or re-thinking whether or not you should've eaten out at a restaurant again! You'd be more relaxed and less stressed on spending, making life easier.


Other people may say their wisdom and experiences throughout their careers have made them successful. This is because they may have a better understanding of the world. Gaining more knowledge also relates to being prosperous, because it means you have expertise on that certain subject and can teach more people, which benefits everyone.


Like in the definitions on the internet, a lot of people would say being successful is gaining stardom or popularity. People that think this may value validation from other people more than their own, or may love the idea of being supported/remembered. I think that fame doesn't always equal success because measuring it through something temporary like fame, will most of the time fade eventually.


The definition of success to me means doing something that makes you happy, and something that you enjoy. I think that being content and happy with your career means you are successful because you are satisfied with your performance and the impact you made. Money doesn't buy happiness and it doesn't buy success either.

Eveyone has their own interpretation on what it means to become successful. It may mean having a sense of accomplishment and career progression or being able to do the things you love. As long as you define your own success and worth and not let others do it for you, you will be triumphant in your career. This is why success is subjective and the only meaning of it that matters is your own.

Can you define what success means to you?


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