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When i think about lockdown one of the first things that come to mind is working from home. Now lots of people would have different view points for it for example some will think that it is good thing to happen. Whereas others think that it is a bad thing. But i think both of these sides are correct, let me tell you why.

Working from home is a good thing.

I believe that working home is good thing. I think this because when working at home it reduces the spread of germs espespecially during times like this. I also think that it is a great idea because when you are working from home it would be more peaceful them working in an office or somewhere else itcould be less distracting and you can get ore work done then you did in work. Another reason i think working from home is better because you can do it where ever you want in your house and you can wear whatever you want to. Working from home is also really good because we use the internet alot so as time goes on the internet will evolve so working from home will too.

Working from home is bad thing.

I believe working from home is also a bad thing because if you have bad internet connection and you are doing a online meeting your internet could act up and you won't be able to understand what is going on. I also think that working from home is a bad idea because of battery life, I think this would make it bad because of you were on an onlone meeting and your battery died in the middle of it, this could cause problems between what you are doing with your work and not save what you have you have writen. Another reason that remote woring could be a bad thing because if you are just doing everything online you could become lonely and sad because you are not with anyone but your house hold. Working from home could be a bad thing because soem jobs can't work from home and that would make them have to either not do work or go to work which could give you a chance to get Covid-19 and that would not end well.

I think that working from home is both bad and good and there are my reasons why.

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