The work of the future

In the future the life of work will be very different .Many people believe robots will rule and work in all jobs .Others think that only factories will be the first at risk of robot invasion.Due to the resent pandemic[COVID-19], many people believe that working on screens will be the new normal.Many jobs like the job of a teacher was changed from face to face to online.Due to COVID, struggles have been made to ensure every one could be safe while doing work.Already people are being switched by robots at factories and it could happen to every job slowly in the future.

Many people have been asked the question 'How would you feel if your job was taken by a robot and you do not have to go to work?'. Some people answered that this may be a relief because they would not have to go to work and can spend time with people they love or do something that can bring joy to them.Some fear of what they can do in their time because of how lonely they could feel at home.Also, because they have just gone through lockdown, it showed them how life was really hard .Also some worry if they would have an income so they can buy food and have the perfect amount to be able to buy clothes too.

There is also the big problem of economy.Economy will go down if the robots go to all jobs and humans become unemployed.The only answer to that problem is that for each robot you will recieve some money .The other option would be that people could volunteer to do jobs and earn some extra money so that can keep on supporting their communities and economy.

Some effects are that there is a 60% chance of no communicating if everthing is done at home.If school teachers were swapped by robots,many effects will be shown on all students.Things like how much they want to come to school could change dramatically.Many students might feel overwhelmed with anxiousness by how the robots will not be humerous nor show any reaction to any of the students.This could be very serious as it could make them feel uncomfortable and will not be able to explain what is happening to them.Bullying risks could gain as the students may not tell the robot teacher.

Many people think that in the future there would be colleagues as robots.This could be true as scientific research has shown that robots have been a great impact in our societies.Having half robots and half humans in a office is thought as a good idea as both robots and human skills can be put to make a great team that will make their company move forward in the world.

Medical will also be changed.Already medicine has moved on at a rapid speed.So people have thought why would it not improve to have robots.Medication for different problems have changed from long complicated ones to quick .New medication has been created for many different types of diseases.

There are many good sides of robots taking jobs of the humans .One of them is that jobs that can not be done by humans can be done by robots.Even if something dangerous happens in a factory, no humans will be killed so no lives will be taken.People can easily replace robots and the chain of making robots will continue.

To conclude having both robots and humans in work may be the best choice.The working of both will bring great team work and the companys will suceed.Robots and humans can work together and share skills. In some jobs having a robot will not work like:teaching ect.In the future, if robots do come in daily life,only slowly will the humans loose their jobs.So there is no need for early worries.While robots could be a help changing all human jobs to robots only will be a big impact.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    19 Nov 2020

    So many great points and very well-explained, hardworking_dinosaur! Should there be rules in place regarding when, where and how robots can work?

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  • Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg accomplished_reality | Faringdon Community College
    19 Nov 2020

    Great post! Love the ideas you mentioned here. I have a question for you. How do you think the industrial revolution affected our jobs today, and how did it affect society?

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  • Maudene-logo-250x250.jpg noble_honeydew | Maundene School
    23 Nov 2020

    Hello my name is noble_honeydew and I would like to challenge you by saying, in YOUR opinion do YOU think that the industrial revolution has effected your family members from there work. Also great work on your post i know these are hard times for all of us but we must stay positive

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg consistent_starfruit | Michael Faraday School
    23 Nov 2020

    I would say that robots will harm our society. Here are my reasons. First of all it will put an even more strain on the pending job issue which will create more joblessness and over all wipe out humans jobs. It will also cut down the social interaction with one another because we will be only talking to a man made talking walking piece of metal instead of talking with a live in skin person. Another important reason is it will make even more mistakes than human people do because after all they are not real people themselves so how are they supposed to understand how humans think and work. It also can't fill the roles of people like politicians and businessmen because they need to have an opinion to be a politician hence robots cannot fill that role. The reason why they can't fill the role of a businessman is because sure they can do all the numbers but can they think of the idea itself? No they can't. The last and final reason is they are programmed by people so they are just doing what the people tell them to do so what is the difference from having a robot instead of a human.

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  • sincere_dove | Whyteleafe School D
    13 Dec 2020

    I think that having a robot to be a teacher instead of a human would be disappointing because if you were getting bullied the robot would show no emotions for you and would probably just say deal with it yourself. But also a robot may have more knowledge than a human so say a human may not know the answer to a tricky question but the robot would.

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  • Hammond School logo quirky_oboe | Hammond Junior School C
    14 Dec 2020

    I agree with your point if robots show no emotions then if you did something bad the teacher would tell you of but as a robot can't show any emotions then you wouldn't be told of correctly.

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