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Hello, my name is Amy and I work at WaterMelon news. I am writing about the future of work. People have been forced to remote work a lot more in lockdown. This can be good and bad. It can be bad as I.T damages your eyes, you may have many distractions:

  • children
  • pets
  • I.T difficultys and failures

or people are being isolated or people are having no social gatherings to release creativity.

However, some get to see their family more, they're more heathy as they rush less as they don't need to rush to work and maybe even skip breakfast, and more enjoyment to walk their dog (if they have one)and the environment is getting less polluted as long trips to work are not needed so much as people working at home increased.

Many things have changed recently but one difference is that people are getting furloughed a lot more as some busnesses are getting more and more poor and can't afford staff. This means more people are jobless and need money to survive.

Automation is somthing that many engineers are working on to make the future of work better, but is it going to improve work or make it worse for people? Well we don't know exactally but it could dehumanise the world,for example would you rather a drone to a friendly local postman?


  • Robots can't be persuaded as they don't have emotions like humans.
  • They can't do things wrong if they are programed right


  • They can be hacker and have bugs
  • They don't have emotions and don't understand feelings.

The pandemic is definitely changing the future of work but is it for the better or the worse, what do you think?

By strong_tuba 😊

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