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Hello, my name is Thalia and I work for the Golden Glare. I am writing this piece about the future of work. Work has changed remotely and dramatically. Since 50 years, all around the world, we have never seen something that has had this much of an impact for every. Single. Person. The impact has not just affected us as humans it has affected us in the future of work.Now we have the gig economy where people have different jobs that are not stable and has zero contracts, automation where robots take over jobs and careers and lastly remote working where people have to work at home.

Now let's discuss about remote working.

Because of the current pandemic, people have been forced to work at home. But it is not possible for everyone like cafe owners, resteraunts, hotels and such more. These jobs put people in danger , supermarket workers included, though these jobs can be dangerous it can be an only choice. Exactly like a job to fend for your family.

Now you might wonder how the jobs had to cope during lockdown? Some people had to be made redundant which is the same as fired. Others had to close businesses like in London and other great business places or cities. Others had to suffer and toil as a result of this and do not have enough money to feed their family as well as pay bills and taxes.

However others like mask industries have coped well because of covid they had more business and work has kept coming in. More and more each time.Others maybe not industries maybe self employed and have a business of their own could have tons and tons of work for themselves seizing every chance they get for work so if the business or career does not go well they still would have some money left. When some of them are overwhelmed by work they woulf feel stressed and they won't have much time to spend with family causing them to be workaholics.

Moving on, working at home can also have disadvantages like when your at home and you get through work fairly fast your boss can take advantage of that and send more and more work on you. Staring at the screen can harm your eyes as well causing it as a disadvantage since over lockdown children had to use platforms like zoom online to do their lessons and staring at the screen too long can get you glasses and in average children get glasses at the age of 10-20 now think about how many more children and adults will have glasses now.You can also hurt limbs,muscles and bones by sitting in a chair too long , another disadvantage could be you live by yourself in an apartment and during lockdown you couldn't see anyone else causing you to lose communication and lose socialness with people. It could also make you depressed. Pets and children as lovely as they are can cause distractions too! So you might find it hard to concentrate. Lastly, I.T can also fail you when you are working at home.

However, the avantages are that you can be flexible with your working hours, it is better for the enviroment, one way, by drivng less cars stopping the polluting of fossil fules. You can also get more time to work and so you can get through work faster and finish it earlier or to get more money to feed or help your family so now you don't have to waste petrol to travel. Your wellbeing can improve so now you can spend some time walking and doing excersise. If you are a business owner you can now save money by not having to pay fees like wifi and the internet since now your workers to pay for their own at home.

What do you think?

I would like to hear you opinion!



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