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hi my name is opstimistic_weaver we will be talking about remote conrol (working from home) not many people can work from home you will have less chance on covid-19 it makes you safe from working from home its a very bug chance of getting it if you work in a office most people should work from home if you can.

that could make more problems not many people work from home most people loose there jobs, its a big risk if you dont work from home it could make you loose your job its a big risk

its makes a really big risk for the jobs if you work home its depends on your job if you work from home ir not you could loose your job or they could stay open you have more risk of getting covid-19 it depnds on your job

the skills are very important they could help you , you need lots of skills to help you from covid-19 you need a laptop or a desk to do it you might have a good oppatunaty to work from home you need a lot of skills

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