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Good morning, I am adventurous_beaver and I am reporting to you about the future of work. There are three predictions of what will happen in the future: a gig ecomony, which is a system where people do one job for a bit and then go to do another job for a bit and so on; remote working, which is where some people work from their home depending what job they've got and automation is where technology and robots do certain jobs instead of humans doing it.

Automation would be a problem because if robots take over a lot of jobs that humans do, numerous people would lose their job and might struggle to find a new one, then they would run out of food and starve. We could solve this problem by creating more jobs for humans to do so the people who might lose their job can get a new one easily. Automation can also be a good thing because robots don't make any mistakes if they are programmed well and if they work in a restaurant, they can make delicious food.

Some people think the pandemic is a turning point because people will get used to working from their home and after the pandemic they might want to stay there. The pandemic will affect the time that robots can work because you can't build a robot at home, you have to build it in a factory.

The skills creativity, problem solving, listening and speaking are important because if we listen and speak then we can suggest ways to solve problems like the pandemic and for problem solving and creativity, we need to do those for change and to solve problems like the pandemic.

Thank you for reading my post.

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